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World Children's Day
As we celebrate the International Day of the Child, let us remember our collective duty to the little ones in our society. It is our responsibility to ensure their safety, provide them with quality education, and create an environment that nurtures their growth and happiness.
Monday 20-11-2023
World Children's Day is an annual event celebrated by communities around the world on November 20th. This day aims to highlight children's rights and the challenges they face, while raising awareness about the importance of protecting them and providing a safe and suitable environment for their development.

World Children's Day serves as an opportunity to reaffirm children's rights to life, healthcare, education, protection against discrimination and violence. It also emphasizes the significance of giving children a chance to express their thoughts and opinions, and participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives.

On this day, various institutions, schools, and communities organize events and activities to shed light on childhood issues and promote children's rights. Workshops, competitions, educational lectures, and distribution of educational materials are organized to enhance awareness of children's rights.

And we in ADEED celebrate the World Children's Day, we also recognize the importance of our role in providing loving and safe care for children on the International Day of the Child. Children are our hope and future, and it is our duty to work towards creating a suitable environment for their growth and development in health and happiness.
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