Saudi Medical Services Co. - ADEED

Terms and Conditions

Brief Introduction:

We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Here are some points that need to be clarified before starting the recommended service

ADEED is a home healthcare company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Our mission is to provide compassionate services and comprehensive care to improve people's quality of life.

Our vision is to become a trusted health care provider; Provide wellness and personal care to people who need it.

Our values are "care, respect, team spirit, discipline and excellence. 

First Article: General Terms and Conditions:

1.       The provision of services by the Saudi Company for Medical Services in relation to assisted living care is governed by employment contracts and assignments to the client for management and supervision of the care assistance. The client is not entitled to any financial rights other than those stipulated in the contract. The contract serves as the reference for interpretation in the event of any disputes not addressed in the contract. In case of any complaints filed by the care assistant with the relevant authorities, the client is obligated to attend whenever requested by the Saudi Company for Medical Services or the competent authorities.

2.       The client must not exploit, coerce, threaten, or take advantage of the home care assistant or be involved in renting out their services or employing them with others. The client must not be the cause of forcing the care assistant to escape in any form, including coercion, deception, or taking advantage of their vulnerability, in accordance with the Saudi Law to Combat Trafficking in Persons issued by Royal Decree No. M/40 on 21/7/1430H. If any of the aforementioned situations are proven, the Saudi Company for Medical Services has the right to take the necessary legal measures against the client through the competent authorities.

3.       The client assumes full legal and/or regulatory responsibility if the care assistant carries out a direct order from the client or any of their family members that violates the law or regulations, involves high risks, negligence, or instructs them to use equipment, machinery, or unauthorized vehicles, resulting in violations, fines, or injuries. Such actions impose liability on the care assistant and hold them financially or legally responsible towards third parties or the competent authorities, if proven.

4.       The Saudi Company for Medical Services shall bear the provisions of this contract, except for any violations of religious, financial, legal, or criminal nature committed by the care assistant, which may result in penalties or compensation. The responsibility lies directly with the care assistant, and the client has the right to report and legally pursue them according to religious law.

5.       The client is obligated to pay all dues to the Saudi Company for Medical Services on the specified payment date in the contract without any delay. The client is not entitled to deduct any amounts from the payment due to the Saudi Company for Medical Services for any reason without the agreement of both parties.

6.       In the event of a reduction or cancellation of any governmental fees previously imposed on the Saudi Company for Medical Services, the client is relieved from paying those fees starting from the date of their reduction or cancellation. However, the client is responsible for any increased or new governmental fees imposed after the signing of this contract, effective from the date they are imposed on the Saudi Company for Medical Services. The client must be notified or informed of any financial increases in the contract.

7.       The client agrees to provide the Saudi Company for Medical Services with any information or data requested to establish an account with the company and/or for review, management, and authorization purposes. The client authorizes the Saudi Company for Medical Services to obtain any necessary information related to them or their mentioned account or any other account held by the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH). The client also agrees that the Saudi Company for Medical Services may disclose their personal information and the mentioned account or any other account held by the authorized party of the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) through the membership agreement and approved operating rules governing the exchange of information, or to any other entity approved by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).

8.       Neither party to the contract shall be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the other party due to the occurrence of force majeure or exceptional circumstances that affect the execution of the service obligations. Force majeure is defined as any event beyond the reasonable control of the party experiencing it, which could not have been reasonably anticipated at the time of entering into the contract or its payment, such as acts of war, military operations, revolutions, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, epidemics, or decisions by the Saudi Arabian government or sending governments of the assistants that prevent the Saudi Company for Medical Services from fulfilling the contractual obligations or result in a change in any of its provisions.

9.       The value and duration of the service are calculated from the same day the service starts for a full month, with 6 working days per week and 8 hours of work per day, as agreed upon by both parties.

10.    It is permissible to ADEED to replace the caregiver with another caregiver in the following cases:

10.1. Weekly rest day.

10.2. Official holidays for the caregiver.

10.3. Sick leave.

10.4. Termination of the caregiver's contract with the Saudi Company for Medical Services.

Second Article: Service Contract Management:

1.1     Service Appointment Rescheduling and Temporary Suspension Policy:

1.1.1           If the client wishes to reschedule a service appointment or temporarily suspend the service, they must notify the company at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled visit, except during weekends where the notice period should be 48 hours

1.1.2           If the client requests a temporary suspension of the service or a delay in the start date of the service, they are not entitled to request a specific caregiver to be assigned.

1.1.3           If the client requests a temporary suspension of the service, the day of suspension is counted as part of the contracted service days.

1.1.4           If the client requests to resume the service after a temporary suspension or delay, this request is subject to the availability of human resources.

1.1.5           In the case of traveling and the client's desire to temporarily suspend the contract, they must contact customer service at least 7 days in advance to arrange the suspension procedures. If the client wishes to resume the service, this request is subject to the availability of human resources

1.1.6           The total dues of the Saudi Medical Services Company are calculated at a monthly rate

1.1.7           On the same day of commencement of service for a full month, the service shall be calculated at 6 weekdays and one day off and at 8 working hours per day, fixed by agreement between the parties.  

1.1.8           The service value is subject to value added tax (VAT), for non-Saudi 

1.2     Contract Renewal Policy:

1.2.1           The caregiver contract is automatically renewed for an equivalent period upon the expiration of the service term, provided that the client pays the value of the new contract period before the expiration date, with a 5 working day notice. The service fee may vary after the renewal.

1.2.2           If the client requests to renew the contract after the specified time (5 days before the contract's end date), this request is subject to the availability of human resources, and the continuity of service with the same caregiver is not guaranteed

1.3     Contract Termination Policy:

1.3.1           The client's contract will terminate in the unfortunate event of the client's death. If the client's family wishes to continue the contract, they must contact the Saudi Medical Services Company to complete the necessary procedures.

1.3.2           Either party has the right to terminate the contract if the other party violates any provision of the contract.

1.3.3           Termination or expiration of this contract shall not affect the rights acquired by either party or any claims arising from the contract or from any harmful actions committed by either party before termination or expiration.

1.3.4           The client has the right to request contract termination and reimbursement of the cost, deducting the equivalent of the duration spent by the caregiver in service. This request is subject to the cancellation policy

1.4     Contract Cancellation/Suspension Policy:

1.4.1           Without refund or rescheduling:      Request for cancellation or rescheduling of a visit less than 24 hours before the scheduled visit.      Request for full contract cancellation less than 24 hours before the start of the service.      Change of visit location less than 8 hours prior.      Failure to open the door after 15 minutes of waiting from the team's arrival time.      Any unethical behavior, sexual harassment, verbal or non-verbal threats, abusive behavior, or any other incidents that affect the safety of the staff by the patient, their family, or residents in the household.       The client is not allowed to take photos or record videos of Saudi Medical Services Company staff. Non-compliance will result in immediate service suspension and necessary legal actions taken.       Violation of contract terms and failure to rectify them within 3 days of communication from the management, clarifying the violation. If not corrected, ADEED has the right to cancel the contract in its entirety, and the paid amount will not be refunded.      Refusal of supervisory visits or returning the caregiver during the service.      Refusal to allow the caregiver to exit or leave the premises outside of working hours.   Failure to provide service requirements during the visit, such as the required medical report or prescription.   Refusal of solutions offered by the company regarding the client's complaint, such as caregiver replacement.   Relocation to another city after the service has started or less than 24 hours before the service's scheduled time.   The Saudi Medical Services Company's receivables will be deducted in the final settlement with the client as follows:     The value of the service executed for the client based on the service's base price per day.     The value of the executed but unpaid service based on the service's base price.     Penalties applicable to the client based on the cancellation reason.     The value of personal belongings or lost documents of the caregiver due to the client.

1.4.2           Refund and Rescheduling Eligibility

The client will be eligible for a refund of the remaining balance in their account after deducting the portion used based on the service's base price or rescheduling the service in the following cases:      Death.      Cancellation more than 24 hours before the start of the service, subject to ADEED management approval.      Failure to provide the service due to reasons attributed to the company.      Any misconduct, sexual harassment, or safety incident committed by the staff towards the client.      Proven negligence of the caregiver based on the supervisory visit evaluation by ADEED.      When the new caregiver is refused after service resumption or caregiver replacement for reasons attributed to the company.

Third Article 3: Client's Obligations:

3.1     The client and their family members commit to treating the caregiver with proper respect and refrain from any speech or action that undermines their religion or dignity.

3.2    The client agrees to notify the Saudi Medical Services Company of any violations or mistakes committed by the caregiver during the contract period.

3.3    The client agrees to allow the caregiver to leave to the premises of the Saudi Medical Services Company whenever requested for purposes such as medical examinations, residence permit renewal, passport renewal, and others within 24 hours of being notified or on the date specified by the Saudi Medical Services Company. Failure to comply will result in the client bearing all penalties incurred due to the delay.

3.4    The client agrees not to engage the contracted caregiver in work other than the specified profession within this contract, whether directly or indirectly, or employ them with others, provide services to others, or allow the caregiver to work for their own account.

3.5    The client agrees to notify the Saudi Medical Services Company in the event of the caregiver's injury, disability, or failure to fulfill their duties within 24 hours.

3.6    The client agrees to inform the Saudi Medical Services Company in the event of the caregiver's immediate absence by contacting ADEED unified number (920019911) within 24 hours of the caregiver's absence during the official working hours of the Saudi Medical Services Company. The client should also visit the branch to sign an acknowledgment of the caregiver's escape and inform the police. If the absence is due to mistreatment by the client or someone associated with them, and this is proven, the client bears full legal and regulatory responsibility, including all resulting expenses and financial costs. If the caregiver returns to the client, the client is obligated to notify the Saudi Medical Services Company.

3.7    The client is not allowed to sign any financial papers or documents on behalf of the caregiver, such as orders or promissory notes. The client bears all damages and losses that occur to the caregiver and/or the Saudi Medical Services Company in case of violation.

3.8    The client agrees not to request additional working hours beyond those agreed upon with the company and to enable the caregiver to have a minimum of eight hours of rest and sleep daily, in addition to providing intermittent periods for meals, rest, and prayer during the daily working hours.

3.9    The client agrees to give the caregiver one day off per week, and if they work with mutual consent, they will be compensated with another day off during the same week.