Saudi Medical Services Co. - ADEED

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are covered by ADEED Home Healthcare Services?
Our coverage of home care services currently includes only Riyadh City. Please register your application to contact you if we are available in your city
What services ADEED offers?
ADEED offers Home Medical Services including (doctor visits, registered nursing visits, physiotherapy sessions, companion and health assistant, laboratory analytics services, therapeutic nutrition services)
How long does it take to provide the Service?
Home Services may be requested and provided on the same day after confirmation of the booking through ADEED application or social media Channels or call the unified number 920008818
What are the ways to book an appointment?
You can book your appointment through ADEED application or Social Media Channels or by Calling the unified number 920019911
What are the Service times?
ADEED offers its services 24 hours 7 days a week
How can I identify the Quality of the Medical Team's Services?
ADEED was accredited by the International Joint Committee for Accreditation of JCI Health Facilities. All our medical staff are qualified and carefully selected, and are periodically evaluated to ensure the best level of health care is provided to you and your family.
Can I Pickup or Drop off my Caregiver myself?
No, we have transportation for service providers in a scheduled and orderly manner
What is the difference between an Assistant/Caregiver and a registered nurse?
Assistant/Caregiver: A person who assists the patient in his/her daily activities by providing care services such as caring for the patient, accompanying him/her, caring for his/her eating and personal hygiene. Registered nurse: is a nurse licensed by the Health Specialties Authority and performs nursing tasks such as administering injections and medications
What should I do if I am not satisfied with the service provided?
You can submit a complaint by contacting our customer service directly 920019911
What payment methods are available?
We have online payment methods (Mada and credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay) Or via direct Bank transfer
I want to cancel the appointment, but after the medical staff arrives?
The appointment could be cancelled at the patient's request but without a refund of the visit value/cost