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Skin Care Checkup Profile Package

445 SAR

It is specifically designed for you, for more radiant and beautiful skin

Complete Blood Count (CBC) test:

This test examines all blood cells, including red and white blood cells and platelets, and helps diagnose various diseases and conditions that can affect skin health.

Vitamin C test:

Vitamin C is essential to stimulate collagen production, which helps maintain skin's wrinkle-free appearance. It also helps improve the appearance of tired skin.

Vitamin B12 test:

It plays an important role in maintaining skin health, as its deficiency causes a decrease in melanin production, leading to changes in skin color. Its deficiency also causes skin irritation and dryness.

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) test:

 Folic acid plays an important role in renewing skin cells and improving their hydration. When there is a deficiency in folic acid, it can increase the risk of some skin diseases such as eczema, dryness, and psoriasis.

Zinc (Zn) test:

 Zinc is one of the essential minerals that the skin needs to maintain its health and radiance. It plays a vital role in skin hydration, and its deficiency can lead to various skin problems such as dryness, irritation, peeling, cracks, acne, and pimples.

Iron (Fe) tests:

 This test helps determine the level of iron in the body, and its deficiency can cause skin irritation and dryness and increase the risk of skin discoloration and pallor. Iron is important for producing hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood and helps improve skin radiance.

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test:

 This test determines the levels of thyroid hormones that may affect skin health and freshness, as a deficiency in thyroid hormones can lead

 to skin dryness, ulcers, and changes in skin color.