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Care Assistant

Care Assistant (Monthly- 26 Visit)

8,993 SAR
9900 SR

Safe and effective Care Assistance for those in need of help with their own or their loved ones' care needs.
  • Assisting the beneficiary in selecting appropriate clothing, changing clothes, and dressing/undressing.
  •  Bathing the beneficiary using the appropriate water temperature and using suitable personal care products, including shaving, hair cleaning and grooming, teeth cleaning, and maintaining proper hygiene and safety for the beneficiary. (Note that providing all tools and materials is not part of the scope and is the responsibility of the family.)
  • Feeding the beneficiary, taking into consideration their dietary requirements (based on medical reports and any allergies or intolerance to certain foods). The family will provide the food, so it is not part of the contractor's responsibility. The caregiver will heat and prepare the food in a suitable manner for the beneficiary, including blending if necessary, to provide proper nutrition. Water and other fluids should be provided according to the beneficiary's needs. (Please note that the nutrition covered in this scope is limited to oral feeding only and does not include any form of tube feeding that requires complex arrangements.)
  • Assisting the beneficiary with personal care tools, either by providing support during mobility to reach the toilet whenever possible or through other techniques used while the beneficiary is in bed. This also includes replacing absorbent products to ensure the beneficiary does not encounter any issues related to urinary incontinence or other related problems.
  • Assisting the beneficiary in movement inside/around the house, if possible, using available tools and safely turning them in bed to minimize the occurrence of pressure sores. (Please note that providing tools is beyond the scope of work.)
  • Measuring and monitoring vital signs and reporting any changes in the beneficiary's health status.
  • Providing the beneficiary with the required oral medications according to the doctors' instructions only. The family will inform the caregiver of the medication schedule, and the caregiver will be responsible for reminding and administering the medication at the specified times. (Excluding any injections or complex medications that require additional nursing skills.)
  • Providing social support and companionship to the beneficiary through engaging in recreational activities such as watching movies, reading books, listening to music, etc. The caregiver is expected to stimulate the beneficiary's interests and skills as much as possible.
  • Training family members on how to interact with and provide care for the beneficiary outside of official working hours by demonstrating best practices in managing the mentioned activities above as a minimum